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Peek at Portland Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3-12
Infant Ages 0-2
Dog Ticket Bring your well behaved, leashed dog!

Experience Peek at Portland Tour with Portland Discovery

Hop aboard our classic trolley and get a peek at all that Portland has to offer. Explore the rich history and highlights of the “Forest City” with our experienced guides.


Explore the rich history and highlights of the “Forest City” with our experienced guides, with plenty of time to explore the city further on your own.

More info

Trolleys are heated and stay quite warm, but do not have air conditioning. They do have big, open windows that provide a very nice breeze once we get moving.

What to bring

You never know exactly what kind of weather you will get in Maine, but it’s safe to assume it will be cooler out on the water and bringing a light or heavy jacket is a good idea. We recommend sneakers as opposed to open-toed shoes for better stability.

Are Tours Handicap Accessible?

Canes and walkers are fine on either tour, though a foldable walker may be needed to fit on the trolley. There are three steps onto the trolley and there is a ramp that leads down to the boat that can vary in steepness, but our friendly, courteous drivers and deckhands are more than happy to lend a hand. Wheelchairs are not able to fit on the trolleys and MOST times manual wheelchairs are fine on the boats, but typically have to be lifted on, so weight restrictions can apply.

Are Tours Dog Friendly?

Our Tours are dog friendly! Provided your dog is friendly, well-behaved, and leashed they are welcome on our tours. Dogs cannot take up a seat of a paying passenger, so dogs must be in a lap or on the floor/deck near your feet.